Tetrafauna Reptoheat Dual Temp Basking Heater


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The Tetrafauna ReptoHeat Dual Temp Basking Heater automatically maintains terrariums at the basking temperature your pets need. Controlled by an internal microcomputer, the precision-calibrated ceramic heating element radiates just the right amount of heat to keep your reptiles healthy.

  • Precise, computer-controlled basking heat
  • Meets the basking needs of most reptiles
  • Easy to use with advanced safety features

Dual mounting options allow the unit to be positioned on the screen above the terrarium or mounted directly to the tank’s frame, providing secure attachment regardless of your setup. The ReptoHeat features “Hi” and “Lo” temperature modes to meet the needs of a variety of reptiles and habitat types. Includes a mounting bracket.

Dimensions: 6.5″L x 4.5″W x 1.75″H
Power Cord: 6.5′ (grounded)
Watts: 41

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