Tetra Pond GreenFree UV Clarifier Bulb Replacement (New Version)


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Tetra Pond Green Free UV Clarifier replacement UV bulbs. Lamps will work with both new and old style Green Free Clarifiers and Bio Active Pressure Filters with Green Free UV Clarifiers built in! TetraPond Green Free UV Bulbs help keep your pond free from algae.

  • Replacement UV bulbs for new and old style Green Free Clarifiers
  • Lamps will last up to 11 months or 9000 hours of constant use
  • Keep your pond free from algae

Compatibility: Simply match the wattage of your UV Clarifier with the wattage of the bulb below!

NOTE: This “New Style” UV Bulb fits Tetra UV Clarifiers manufactured 2011 or later.

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