Rawhide Brand Premium Beef Hide Natural Roll


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Rawhide Brand 100% Beef Hides dog chews provide an unmatched chewing experience. Made from all natural, grass-fed beef hides with no chemicals, preservatives or bleaches, these premium rawhide rolls are evenly marinated with rich meaty flavors to keep dogs entertained and satisfied for hours.

  • All natural, grass-fed beef hide dog chew rolls
  • Contains no chemicals, preservatives or bleaches
  • Evenly marinated for consistent flavor with no sticky, messy coating
  • 9″ rolls

The Rawhide Brand marinating process sets its chews a step above others on the market. It ensures flavor is evenly distributed throughout the chew, and not just basted on in a messy surface coating.

Non-staining. Always supervise your dog during chewing.

Ingredients: Rawhide.

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