Marineland Replacement Bio-Wheel for HOT Magnum Filters


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Marineland Replacement Bio-Wheel is compatible with H.O.T. Magnum 250 Pro, Magum 350 Bio-Pro and Eclipse 3 filters. As the Bio-Wheel rotates, beneficial bacteria grow and thrive on its super dense surface. As water flows, the Bio-Wheel eliminates ammonia and nitrite on contact.

  • Irregular rotation of the Bio-Wheel is also normal
  • Discoloration of pleated Bio-Wheel material is normal and desirable
  • A Bio-Wheel rotating at any speed is working to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite

Marineland Bio-Wheels should not be replaced unless damaged. The water flow from your filter drives the Bio-Wheel.

Dimensions: 7″ Long x 2.75″ Diameter

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