Marineland Magnum Carbon Container


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The Marineland Magnum Carbon Container holds the filter media for your Magnum 220 or 350 Canister Filter. Though intended for carbon media, this container can be filled with any type of filter media you choose!

  • Fits Magnum 220, 350 and all standard Magnum Canister Filters
  • For use with carbon or other filter media
  • Removable lid and white screen mesh for free flow of water

Use with the Rite-Size Bonded Filter Sleeve that is shaped to form a snug fit with your particular Magnum filter.

Capacity: 15 oz
Dimensions: 3.9″L x 4.6″W x 7.1″H

Note: This canister is NOT for use with HOT Magnum Filters — it won’t fit!

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