Kaytee Kapok Nest & Chew Pods


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Kaytee Kapok Nest and Chew Pods are made with all natural material from white silk-cotton trees. The outer shell is a natural chew source a soft, cotton-like filling that makes an excellent nesting material for a variety of small pets. Kapok Pods are an excellent option for encouraging natural foraging and nesting behaviors.

  • Encourages chewing and burrowing behaviors
  • Made from white silk-cotton trees
  • Chewable outer pod shell helps clean and trim teeth
  • Comfortable cotton-like material inspires nesting instincts

Ideal for gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats, and other small animals.

Dimensions: Approximately 8.5″ long.

Note: Pods ship in assorted colors – please let us pick for you!

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