Chunky Chews Solid Rawhide Jumbo Beef Braided Ring


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Chunky Chews Jumbo Rawhide Braided Rings provide big dogs with an unmatched chewing experience. Made from 100% natural, grass-fed Brazilian beef hides, these solid rawhide chews feature a delicious beef flavor marinade and are perfect for large and aggressive chewers.

  • 100% natural grass-fed free-range Brazilian beef hide
  • For large dogs & aggressive chewers
  • Rich beef flavor marinade
  • 8″ diameter

At more than 3 times the weight of standard industry rawhide, Chunky Chews are uniquely and exclusively suited to handle your big dog’s chewing needs. With a patented design that prolongs the chewing process further, they offer an exciting challenge to even the most determined chewer. A thorough beef flavor marinade makes Chunky Chews even more exciting!

Always supervise your dog during chewing.

Product of Brazil.

Ingredients: Beef Hide, Artificial Beef Flavor Marinade.

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