Blue Life Clear FX Advanced Filtration Media


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Blue Life Clear Fx Advanced Filter Media removes suspended organics and toxins in Freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums, providing crystal clear water without affecting vital trace elements. Its combination of low-ash granular activated carbon and organic scavenger resins effectively controls ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels for a clean, healthy aquatic habitat.

  • Super carbon + organic scavenger resins
  • Removes dissolved organics for crystal clear water
  • Easy to use & reef safe
  • Free media bag included
  • 150 ml treats 60 gallons of Saltwater or 120 gallons of freshwater
  • 300 ml treats 120 gallons of Saltwater or 240 gallons of Freshwater

Granular Activated Carbon: Clear Fx contains a coal-based granular activated carbon (GAC) which offers the hardest water-compatible carbon available. With a high surface area and extended durability, Blue Life GAC remains effective longer than other activated carbons. Its low ash content will not cause hole-in-the-head or lateral line disease, saving money on fish treatments in the long run.

Organic Scavenger Resin: Clear Fx contains two scavenger resins, which naturally attract organics for effective control of toxic ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites. These resins feature a macro-porous design that prevents rapid clogging. Together with GAC, these resins provide exceptional clarity, chemical stability, and overall healthiness in any aquarium.

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